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Auscub Service Pty Ltd objective is to create a culture and environment which ensures health and safety of all personnel through the provision of resources, processes, education and a demonstrated commitment to health and safety.


We have a duty of care under occupational safety and health legislation and Common Law, requires that all individuals working for Auscub Service or attending clientele sites must be “fit for work”.

Auscub Service Pty Ltd is committed to the preservation of our natural environment - air, water, land, flora, fauna and to the community heritage that may be affected by our business activities.

Auscub Service has a strong commitment to zero harm in the field and the workplace.

The company has adopted six (6) key safety elements within the
workplace to which our employees continuously strive to meet:

W     Working at Heights

I       Isolations

R      Risk Assessment

E      Ethics

F      Fire Prevention

M     Mobile Equipment

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