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Dam Liners

When soil conditions are not always perfect, especially where there is sandy, loamed or shale rock based soils, leakage will always be a problem. These types of soils will also be very difficult to seal using traditional crack filling methods.

Auscub can offer lining solutions to you suit your needs.  Auscub have the capabilities to supply and install up to 3mm thickness, with NATA certified Fabricators using a High Density Polyethylene geomembranes (HDPE) liner.

The use of membranes in civil and environmental applications is becoming more widespread as there develops a greater understanding of the effects of contaminated ground conditions on structures and the environment.

HDPE geomembranes have a generalised use as fundamental waterproofing materials of channels, dams & containment structures. HDPE is a non polar, semicrystalline thermoplastic material with good mechanical properties, high chemical stability & electrical insulation. HDPE does not absorb humidity, is odourless & physically inert. HDPE geomembranes are manufactured with resins which are specially formulated & certified. HDPE smooth geomembranes have a minimum density of 0.94 g/cm3 . HDPE smooth geomembranes have very low permeability, high stress resistance, high elongation at break and good chemical and UV resistance (2-3% carbon black) for the storage of liquids & solids. All HDPE geomembranes are manufactured to exceed the requirements of GRI GM13 standards.

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